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Options for Decorative Laminate or Wood Veneers

When it comes to selecting laminate or wood veneers for various projects, project managers, general contractors, and architects should consider the balance between decorative face material and structural integrity. The construction as a whole is referenced to as a panel; the parts include a core covered by a face and a balancing back. To achieve

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Cabinets: Best Options for Panel Core Materials

Cabinets and shelving are an important part of a building’s aesthetics and functionality. Contractors must analyze the best materials to use for any given application. Modern cabinetry is typically built with some form of plywood. The term “plywood” is defined as a panel manufactured with three or more layers (plies) of wood or wood products

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5 Commercial Construction Problems To Prevent

The construction industry can experience unexpected challenges that lead to delays and additional expenses. While, some commercial construction problems are out of your control, there are some that you can prevent for your project to go as smoothly as possible. 1. Being Behind Schedule One issue you could face is falling behind on your construction

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