Design Trends for Healthcare Systems

healthcare systems furniture

Let’s face it, not many people “love” to spend their time in a hospital. However, a few smart design choices can go a long way towards making a healthcare facility a lot more inviting to patients and visitors. Installing the right healthcare systems furniture can help soothe visitors’ nerves and make their visits more enjoyable. Below are some decorating and design tips to help make your healthcare facility be more inviting.

Create a Home Away from Home

A few small touches can go a long way towards making a hospital room feel more like home. Consider furnishing rooms with matching furniture sets that include tables, dressers, and TV stands. In addition, while white is the traditional color for hospital rooms because it promotes cleanliness, other light colors may make the space feel more welcoming. Choose colors that connote warmth and cheerfulness, such as light orange or yellow.

In addition, keep comfort in mind when picking furniture. Choose seating that offers back support and consider having several different types of chairs and sofas available so guests can sit in the ones that are most comfortable for them.

Personalize Rooms

Including personalized items can go a long way towards making a patient feel more comfortable – especially if he or she is slated for a long stay. Some healthcare facilities survey patients ahead of time so they can include some preferred items in their room upon arrival. Some things you may want to place in the room include:

Make the Most of Space

In many healthcare facilities, space is at a premium. Therefore, choose from furniture options that will help save space:

Stay Safe

Infections raise another concern in healthcare facilities. The furniture and other items you choose should help keep the environment safe and sterile. One of the easiest ways to keep the environment sterile is by providing plenty of handwashing stations and drawing attention to them through signage and through the layout of the facility. In addition, it is beneficial to install furniture and other fixtures that are easy to clean and have a smooth surface where germs can’t hide.

Hire a Professional Team

As you lay out plans for your healthcare facility, consider these suggestions to get you started. While we do work directly with owners who have specific specifications, we generally work as part of a much larger project team. The image above of the cabinetry we built for the Edna Tina Wilson Living Center was designed by Spectrum Design Group.

Beaver Creek Industries is able to provide insight on designs because of what we’re able to build. If you’re an architect or engineer that does a lot of projects with the healthcare industry, we would be proud to work alongside you to develop designs that are constructible and within budget. Contact us at 607-545-6382 or

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