About Beaver Creek

A valuable asset to your construction team.

Whether you are working with an architect, interior designer, contractor, construction manager, all of the above, or none, Beaver Creek can be a valuable asset to your construction team. Our services can start as early as the design phase, when we turn concepts into CAD drawings. Working with a customer’s budget in mind, value engineering can be a crucial step in the process. However, many of our commercial projects have come from the “hard bid” market, where an ability to accurately interpret complex contract documents is key to winning projects. This experience enables us to offer competitively priced packages to our customers at bid time.

At Beaver Creek we utilize the best of modern technology coupled with fine finish carpentry skills to cost effectively offer custom products while maintaining a premium quality. Embracing new high-tech machinery, used in a lean manufacturing environment, has allowed us to reduce costs and turn-around time, while improving quality. This has helped us meet our clients need for products fabricated correctly, on time, and within budget.

Our services can continue through the installation phase. We prefer to install our products, maintaining a single source responsibility for the finished product.