Bajus Construction Inc.

Bajus Construction

Bajus Construction Inc is the contracting division of Beaver Creek Industries. We work with general contractors to avoid delays and ensure construction projects are completed on time. Our finish carpenters have decades of experience with installation of complex woodwork, standing and running trim, cabinetry, countertops, station walls, windowsills, and more.


Our typical projects are part of a much larger construction project. Our crew is OSHA trained and ready to meet the demands of working on today’s complex construction site. We coordinate our installations to work as smoothly as possible alongside the other trades and help maintain the project schedule.


Having a well rounded knowledge of general construction helps us step into a project at just the right time. Experience allows us to offer constructive solutions as projects sometimes have to evolve without losing any time. We even install casework for some of the larger national factories.  
Is this of value to your company? Let’s work together to determine project schedules for a premium grade, on-time installation.